Ugento Castle



Ugento Castle

The Ugento Castle is a fortified architectural complex located in the municipality of Ugento, in the province of Lecce. This castle, which sits on a hill, dominates the gentle slopes that extend towards the south coast.

Located in a strategic position, Ugento Castle is a mix of ancient and contemporary, surrounded by the Salento countryside and close to the Ionian and Adriatic seas.

The city of Ugento, where the castle stands, boasts an important archaeological heritage and a history with Messapian origins. The historic center of Ugento is rich in architectural, archaeological and environmental beauties, making the city an interesting destination for visitors.

Work Details


Province of Lecce




Square-plan building with dubious historical provenance: according to many scholars, in fact, the building dates back to the Roman period due to its squat shape and limited height.

Our restoration project is aimed at adapting the systems and structures and increasing usability in order to host public functions.

Type of Intervention


The combination of different realities such as heritage and professionalism, entrepreneurial skills and dynamism places TECNORES S.r.l. General Construction Company among the leading companies in the sector.

  • Archeology

  • Design

  • Maintenance

  • Restoration