Royal Palace of Naples



Royal Palace of Naples

The Royal Palace of Naples is a monument that embodies more than three centuries of history, art and culture of the city of Naples and southern Italy. Majestically overlooking Piazza del Plebiscito and overlooking the Gulf of Naples, the Royal Palace has witnessed the political, social and aesthetic changes that have swept through Europe and Italy, serving as a residence for sovereigns of different dynasties and governments.

Its construction began in 1600 by will of the viceroy Fernando Ruiz de Castro and under the direction of the architect Domenico Fontana, who designed an imposing late-Renaissance building. Originally intended as the residence of the Spanish viceroys and subsequently of the Habsburg emperors, the palace became the official seat of the sovereigns of Naples with Charles of Bourbon in 1734, inaugurating the Bourbon period which saw significant expansion and decorative enrichment interventions.

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the municipality of Naples




Our restoration project is aimed at creating spaces that increase the level of welcome and use of the building to make every external and internal area accessible.

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The combination of different realities such as heritage and professionalism, entrepreneurial skills and dynamism places TECNORES S.r.l. General Construction Company among the leading companies in the sector.

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