Notarial Archive of Naples



Notarial Archive of Naples

The Notarial Archive of Naples is an institution of fundamental importance for the conservation and study of historical notarial documentation of the city of Naples and its surroundings. Located in Via S. Paolo ai Tribunali, 14, the archive is open to the public from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 12:05. The history of the Notarial Archive of Naples is long and complex, with roots that date back at least to 9th century.

Over the centuries, the archive has suffered several significant events, including the loss of 2975 volumes in a fire in 1943 in San Paolo Belsito. However, thanks to subsequent laws, such as that of 1939, the archive has seen its collection increase to around 30,000 protocols, covering the period from 1404 to 17502. Furthermore, in 2017, a significant transfer of notarial documents was made of the 18th century from the Notarial Archives of Naples.

These documents are invaluable for historical research, as they provide unique details about the social, economic and legal life of the region over the centuries.

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Notarial Archive of Naples




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The works involved the restoration of the facades, through consolidation of the plaster, painting and replacement of the external fixtures, as well as the waterproofing of the roofs.

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