Monumental Complex of San Paolo Maggiore



Monumental Complex of San Paolo Maggiore

The basilica was built on the remains of the temple of the Dioscuri of which two Corinthian order columns remain with the related architraves that characterize the main facade.
The basilica has a façade designed by Arcangelo Guglielmelli, who managed to incorporate into the new project the only two Corinthian columns, dating back to the ancient temple of the Dioscuri, which remained standing following the earthquake of 1688.

Work Details


Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport Interregional Supervision for Public Works Campania – Molise




The works involved the revision of the stucco frames of the surrounding wall and the columns, the revision of the stone balustrade and the restoration of the main gate.

Type of Intervention


The combination of different realities such as heritage and professionalism, entrepreneurial skills and dynamism places TECNORES S.r.l. General Construction Company among the leading companies in the sector.

  • Archeology

  • Design

  • Maintenance

  • Restoration