Historic apartments of the Royal Palace of Caserta



Historic apartments of the Royal Palace of Caserta

The Historic Apartments of the Royal Palace of Caserta offer an immersion in the sumptuousness and elegance of the places of representation and the private rooms of the Bourbon kings. These rooms, richly decorated and furnished, bear witness to the pomp and refinement that characterized court life.

  • Eighteenth-century wing: In this wing you can admire objects such as a telescope and two painted wooden globes, one terrestrial and one celestial, made in Paris by the geographer Didier.
  • Nineteenth-century wing: Here there is a neoclassical style Carrara marble toilet, designed by Giuseppe Del Nero in 1829.

Work Details


  • Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities
  • Superintendency for Environmental, Architectural, Artistic and Historical Heritage for the provinces of Caserta and Benevento




The works involved the historic apartments on the 18th and 19th century sides and consisted of the restoration of the terracotta floor, consolidation of the marble and stitching of cracks.

Type of Intervention


The combination of different realities such as heritage and professionalism, entrepreneurial skills and dynamism places TECNORES S.r.l. General Construction Company among the leading companies in the sector.

  • Archeology

  • Design

  • Maintenance

  • Restoration