Count Sarno’s tunnel in the Archaeological Site of Pompeii

Pompei (Naples)


Count Sarno’s tunnel in the Archaeological Site of Pompeii

In 1592 the Count of Sarno Muzio Tuttovilla commissioned the engineer. Domenico Fontana the creation of an artificial canal that sequestered one of the sources of the Sarno at Episcopio, after having crossed the Poggiomarino plain it crossed Pompeii and then flowed into the sea at Torre Annunziata. Pompei Scavi is crossed for a stretch of 1.6 km, from the East Gate to the western end.

Compared to the functioning of the past, when the tunnel was crossed by water that could be used for irrigating the vegetable gardens, the only type of trace found on the structures are the furrows, left by the ropes of the buckets that were lowered from above to draw, in the points of greater friction.

Since the end of the 1970s, water was no longer present in the tunnel and, in the mid-2000s, steps were taken to create rainwater intake points such as the one near the Palestra Sannitica (VIII, 7) and in the Cardo ad east of the House of Menander (I, 10).

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Superintendency for the archaeological heritage of Naples and Pompeii


Pompei (Naples)


The tunnel was restored, cleaned and the surface waters of Pompeii excavations were conveyed.

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