Cloister of the Church of San Francesco

Aversa (Caserta)


Cloister of the Church of San Francesco

The Cloister of the Church of San Francesco in Aversa, in the province of Caserta, represents a place of great historical and architectural value. The church, together with its cloister, constitutes a true treasure to be discovered, testifying to the rich religious and artistic tradition of the area.

The church of San Francesco in Aversa, together with its cloister, represents an important center of worship and devotion in the area. The presence of these historic buildings testifies to the importance of faith and religious practice in the local community over the centuries.

Today, the Cloister of the Church of San Francesco in Aversa continues to be a place open to the public, where visitors can admire the architecture, frescoes and artistic elements that characterize it. This site represents not only a testimony of the past, but also a place of cultural and tourist interest for those visiting the province of Caserta.

Work Details


Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities Superintendence for Environmental, Architectural, Artistic and Historical Heritage for the provinces of Caserta and Benevento


Aversa (Caserta)


The interventions on the church of San Francesco in Aversa concern: the demolition of the flooring and the sharpening of the internal plasters; the revision of the flat and inclined roofs facing the cloister; the construction of the roof of the Church and in particular the assembly of the chestnut wood trusses.

The restoration of the Belvedere of the complex and the roofs; the restoration of the cloister frescoes; the renovation of the external facades; the rehabilitation and restoration of the railings placed on the windows.

Type of Intervention


The combination of different realities such as heritage and professionalism, entrepreneurial skills and dynamism places TECNORES S.r.l. General Construction Company among the leading companies in the sector.

  • Archeology

  • Design

  • Maintenance

  • Restoration