Leader in the field of restoration, Tecnores srl is a well-structured reality: It is currently considered one of the leading  Campania companies to work on restoration and construction thanks to the skills acquired, the  size of intervention areas, the  possible synergies in the most diversified realization. It  pursues business conveniences for the company and for its Clients.

Tecnores srl  is a General Construction Company, it was founded over 40 years ago, in 1983, the year of its foundation in Naples, where the company still has its headquarters.

In the first phase of the ’80s, as a result of the lack of companies operating in the restoration, the company states in all fields in which the speed of execution, and the competence criteria require the use of professionalism. And that period the company ranks among the most imprtant restoration companies in the region.

Over the years, the Tecnores has been able to extend its range of activities, carrying out entrepreneurial activity further diversifying its product lines.

The Tecnores has got the qualification certificate issued by the Soatech Spa for  the categories as follow: OG1 – OG2 – OG11 – OS25, and also has the environmental management system UNI EN ISO 14001: 2004 tending to monitor the environmental impacts of its activities, and systematically to improve them in a coherent, effective and sustainable way.

For customer satisfaction it’s got the certification referred to the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015, which identifies a set of standards and guidelines that propose a management  quality system  designed to control business processes.

The Tecnores currently employs a specialized team of technicians, engineers and artisans, and its extensive experience makes it very competitive and alert about the domestic and international demands.

For Tecnores srl the conservation restaration and the art restaration have always been a real mission.

TECNORES srl purpose with regard to art and national heritage is to regain strenght  to the properties of cultural interest, restoring its former glory through a real conservative restoration. That is because the artistic heritage of a country belongs to everyone and everyone should be able to enjoy it as well as it has been conceived from the beginning. That is the historical memory.

Experience and professionalism mark Tecnores srl who is working for years in the architectural,artistic and archaeological restoration,  using avantgarde technologies. Innovative products and ultra-modern technical solutions have allowed Tecnores srl to assert its leadership both in Italy and abroad, not only in the restoration but also in residential, industrial and tertiary building, in the interior architecture and in the  interventions ad hoc for monumental buildings including the maintenance of the work.

Tecnores srl Preferably use eco-friendly products and zero environmental impact techniques.


tecnore restauro


artistic, architectural, and archaeological

tecnore manutenzione


residential, hotel, industrial, hospital, historical interest

tecnore progettazione


architectural and engineering, rendering and 3D animations

tecnore costruzione


monumental and civil building, plant engineering